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Okay, I’m in the Atlanta airport which seems like most airports only with automatic flaps on the trashcans. My connecting flight to Vegas was delayed two hours, so I’m basically waiting around with some elderly folks who anxiously watch the clock and discuss which slots they’re gonna play.

There are many entries I need to write about ASAE Annual (#ASAE11) in St. Louis this month and the incredible work so many social media stars in the community are doing, but alas, this girl’s gotta document her bachelorette party….

I’ve never been to Sin City and I don’t gamble, but I love some flash, trash, glitz, glam & ukelele playing free agent monkeys when readily available. (The owner of Buckaroo’s Mercantile told me about the Vegas monkeys when I visited his shop in Cambridge last week & bought the most incredible gifts for my Vegas partners-in-crime. Definitely visit if you’re in the Boston area!) More than that, I love my wild hearted friends and sister for organizing this whole shindig (KC.quin, KiKi.quin, Stace.Quin, Laura.Quin, & Eric.Quin – so many smooches).

So, here goes! One more hour until we board. Oh wait, new announcement from Delta…..Not leaving until maybe 3 or 4pm due to maintenance issues. Where is my ukelele playing monkey?!

(No sequin for Delta.)


Thanks, KiKi - post 2!

Okay, so what happened to Tuesday’s post? If you didn’t notice, I happened to have failed my mission of writing a new blog post for six days straight. Yes, I’ve had a particularly hectic week with work distractions that came up. Yes, I’m getting married in less than three months. Yes, I happen to be traveling this weekend and studying for a major test, but try as I may to name the various excuses… bloggers do it everyday, so alas. I’ve revised my mission- six posts, one week. I will provide a countdown to how many posts this week like so…


I had the luxury of sitting down for a quick fireside chat with Senior Consultant at DelCor Technology (& big sis), KiKi L’Italien.  

With ASAE Annual 2011 coming up this weekend, drinks will be sipped and mysterious conference food will be had. So how, oh how, can a gal survive and find the motivation to hit the hotel gym?

KiKi’s advice? Load up on t-shirts and Vitamin B12.

My Dolly Parton tank is now packed and ready to roll.

Yeah, it’s time. Time for me to start personally blogging again – not just for my job. Time for me to stop lurking and start pitter-pattering on this keyboard and rodeo into all the things I love to watch, read, absorb, and learn.

—–>McJagger kicks into this post!!!!

I am giving myself the assignment to contribute one new daily post everyday this week starting now. Y’all (and YES- talking to my friends and ASAE compadre’s who I’ll be seeing at ASAE Annual in St. Louis this weekend…) Better keep me on it or else punch me with a pair of these:

A little McQueen to warm up the knuckles