Wedding Invitations & Stuffed Elephants

Okay, so end of Summer (at least psychologically) and post Labor Day celebrations. My own holiday included a hell of a lot of wedding invitation stuffing & mimosas. Case in point:

Acronym Soup blogger, sister, & calligrapher to the stars - KiKi L'Italien

After several trips to PaperSource and far too few mimosas, I have to admit that my family, future family, and friends are really an incredibly talented, supportive bunch. Rebekah Sasek designed our invitations and save-the-dates and spent hours cutting paper with us into the wee hours of the night. If you’re in need of a creative designer (or just want to see a really cool Teddy Roosevelt tattoo), definitely check her out! I’ll add some better photos of the full design soon.

Aside from the five week count-down, I’ve been hard at work developing mobile apps & social media campaigns for our upcoming conferences, prepping for an SEO and social media training course for my colleagues, and moved into a new office today. I’m debating if some of this Holler & Squall housed taxidermy featured on the Hollister Hovey blog would be too much for a politically charged trade association. Thoughts?

photo credits Hollister Hovey


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