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Calling all community managers, digital strategists, marketing nerds, and organizational leaders – join me this Friday, Dec 2 at 3pm ET  for a Q&A tweetchat with Jamie Notter, Vice President at Management Solutions Plus, and Maddie Grant, chief social media strategist for SocialFish, to discuss their recent book Humanize: How People Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

And if or if you can’t join the chat, BUY THIS BOOK.

Like most marketing/pr folks out there my bookshelf is loaded with reads from other social media bibles from thought leaders like Brian Solis, Charlene Li, Clay Shirkey, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, etc. The tools might be quickly antiquated from one publishing date to the next (oh geez, that’s so 2009! *sarcasm*), but the deeper message in these books and in the new release Humanize resonates home (deeply). It’s a call for humanizing business and if you’re as eager to tear through this as I was, then you know exactly the exciting triumphs and sometimes excruciating pain it takes to modernize the “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude of your organization. Many of us already “get” the tools, but what we need is awakened leadership.

“Creating human organizations requires more than social media. It requires new leadership.”

Did I mention it comes with online worksheets too?!

The authors understand the power and limitations of non-profits and associations in a way few other books out there do.  Through my own strange luck, I happened to meet Maddie and Jamie in the association community two or three years ago (too long here to explain, but let’s just thank my sister KiKi L’Italien and friend Elizabeth Engel for introductions, eggs, and lots of Sunday cocktails amidst flash mob dance practices) and I can only say Maddie and Jamie know their stuff.

Maddie has been a true resource and friend when I started my new position leading digital marketing strategy for a trade association over a year ago. I remember this every time I get tapped to help a friend newly tasked with taking on social media. Believe me, we’re all learning all the time and this book will take you there.

“Follow the white rabbit.”

Join the chat this Friday, Dec 2 at 3pm ET via #ASAEtech. Have a question you’d like to ask Maddie and Jamie? Post it in the comment section below. 


My fellow friends and I felt so inspired by The Cocktail Party, we decided to start a DC Chapter of our own last week. We invite you to join The Cocktail Party DC Chapter on Facebook. Come post-turkey, we’ll be sipping on this Midnight Manhattan from Epicurious.

– 1.5 oz cherry-infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon
– 1.5 oz cherry-infused Graham’s Six Grapes Port
– Ice cubes
To garnish: 3 spirits-soaked cherries
For the cherry-infused spirits:
– 1 cup fresh cherries, pitted
– 8 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon
– 8 oz Graham’s Six Grapes Port
Put 1/2 cup of cherries into each of two clean jam jars. Top one jar with bourbon and the other with port, and store them in the fridge for a week. To serve, strain the alcohol (reserving the cherries) and combine the bourbon and port in a highball glass over ice (Plonk shakes it with ice and strains into a martini glass). Garnish with the spirits-soaked fruit. Serves 1.

Follow the cause via #occupymymartiniglass

For the many organizations and companies out there holding tight until Google+ rolled out pages for brands, rejoice! The time, as you’re well aware, did arrive last week! Take a look at the page I created for RILA today here and feel free to add it to your retail and association circles.

First off, I want to thank HubSpot for the How To Use Google Plus for Business guide that I downloaded. While the process was pretty straight forward, I did make sure to create the page from a non-personal gmail account that I could share with my colleagues like their guide suggested. This saved me some much-appreciated time, something almost every digital media manager can use!

Also, Beth Kanter, a social media leader for non-profits, has been providing some insightful posts on her blog. Check out her post from Nov 8 with some helpful links to  best practices.

My experience has been similar to what I’ve been hearing from others. While it’s great to be on the forefront of the new platform, many of us eagerly await for our members and media partners to join so we can build up circles and hangouts and explore future opportunities to connect. While Google+ is definitely a different animal than Facebook, many folks (or at least my coworkers that I asked) are reluctant to join because they just haven’t embraced the platform yet, aren’t entirely sure it’s here to stay, view their accounts as too personal, and the list goes on.

PepsiCo’s awesome idea to create a PepsiCo Career Portal (featured by MediaBistro today) to drum up excitement from prospective applicants is just one of the early examples of the many creative possibilities that exist for Google+ pages.

Yes, it doesn’t get much better than this for us nerdy, social media types. Have a Google+ page to share? Please post your link below!

With the approaching new year, Thanksgiving, and another birthday, Fall is that time of the year where I like to sketch out my goals and aspirations. Likewise, it’s also that season where I want to spend more time indoors and feel inspired both in work and in life. Happily, I purchased these books to do just the trick:

The Accidental Creative
by: Todd Henry

Reading this one currently. I am shocked at how accurately Henry defines the challenges for a creative within an organization and the mental exhaustion that can result. This book’s goal is to help you supercharge your creative process while preventing burnout.

by: Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant

Digital leaders in the association/non-prof community, this is sure to be a must-read for community managers and digital media managers out there. A video interview with the authors is provided from TMA Resources on Jamie Notter’s blog.

The End of Business As Usual
by: Brian Solis

Digital leader defined, is there anything Brian Solis touches that isn’t brilliant? I’m staring at my copy of Engage! on my book shelf that is underlined, highlighted, and post-it noted up and can hardly wait to tear into this. I likewise love Chris Brogan’s video review of the book here.

What are you reading this season?