Google+ for Associations & Brands – my first page!

For the many organizations and companies out there holding tight until Google+ rolled out pages for brands, rejoice! The time, as you’re well aware, did arrive last week! Take a look at the page I created for RILA today here and feel free to add it to your retail and association circles.

First off, I want to thank HubSpot for the How To Use Google Plus for Business guide that I downloaded. While the process was pretty straight forward, I did make sure to create the page from a non-personal gmail account that I could share with my colleagues like their guide suggested. This saved me some much-appreciated time, something almost every digital media manager can use!

Also, Beth Kanter, a social media leader for non-profits, has been providing some insightful posts on her blog. Check out her post from Nov 8 with some helpful links to  best practices.

My experience has been similar to what I’ve been hearing from others. While it’s great to be on the forefront of the new platform, many of us eagerly await for our members and media partners to join so we can build up circles and hangouts and explore future opportunities to connect. While Google+ is definitely a different animal than Facebook, many folks (or at least my coworkers that I asked) are reluctant to join because they just haven’t embraced the platform yet, aren’t entirely sure it’s here to stay, view their accounts as too personal, and the list goes on.

PepsiCo’s awesome idea to create a PepsiCo Career Portal (featured by MediaBistro today) to drum up excitement from prospective applicants is just one of the early examples of the many creative possibilities that exist for Google+ pages.

Yes, it doesn’t get much better than this for us nerdy, social media types. Have a Google+ page to share? Please post your link below!

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