#ASAEtech TweetChat w/ Co-authors of Humanize on Fri, Dec 2 at 3pm ET

Calling all community managers, digital strategists, marketing nerds, and organizational leaders – join me this Friday, Dec 2 at 3pm ET  for a Q&A tweetchat with Jamie Notter, Vice President at Management Solutions Plus, and Maddie Grant, chief social media strategist for SocialFish, to discuss their recent book Humanize: How People Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

And if or if you can’t join the chat, BUY THIS BOOK.

Like most marketing/pr folks out there my bookshelf is loaded with reads from other social media bibles from thought leaders like Brian Solis, Charlene Li, Clay Shirkey, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, etc. The tools might be quickly antiquated from one publishing date to the next (oh geez, that’s so 2009! *sarcasm*), but the deeper message in these books and in the new release Humanize resonates home (deeply). It’s a call for humanizing business and if you’re as eager to tear through this as I was, then you know exactly the exciting triumphs and sometimes excruciating pain it takes to modernize the “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude of your organization. Many of us already “get” the tools, but what we need is awakened leadership.

“Creating human organizations requires more than social media. It requires new leadership.”

Did I mention it comes with online worksheets too?!

The authors understand the power and limitations of non-profits and associations in a way few other books out there do.  Through my own strange luck, I happened to meet Maddie and Jamie in the association community two or three years ago (too long here to explain, but let’s just thank my sister KiKi L’Italien and friend Elizabeth Engel for introductions, eggs, and lots of Sunday cocktails amidst flash mob dance practices) and I can only say Maddie and Jamie know their stuff.

Maddie has been a true resource and friend when I started my new position leading digital marketing strategy for a trade association over a year ago. I remember this every time I get tapped to help a friend newly tasked with taking on social media. Believe me, we’re all learning all the time and this book will take you there.

“Follow the white rabbit.”

Join the chat this Friday, Dec 2 at 3pm ET via #ASAEtech. Have a question you’d like to ask Maddie and Jamie? Post it in the comment section below. 


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