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Okay, I couldn’t resist. After spending a girls’ weekend in Charlottesville, VA last week where down time was spent passing around our phones and sharing the Shit Girls Say, Shit DC People Say, and numerous spin-off videos, I went to lunch with a fellow association social media/online communications professional today.  Jokingly, we swapped love/hate stories about our occupations and laughed about starting a secret side project for social media folks.

Getting back from lunch, I stumbled across this video, Shit Social Media Experts Say (#SSMES) from Marketing Melodie. Unfortunately, even BEFORE lunch, I probably dropped about three of these lines just this morning, including one I’m borrowing from my sister, “What’s the ROI on answering the telephone? I want to ask someone that.”

Oh yes. Another moment in time reminding me not to take myself too seriously. Thanks, Melodie!

And if you find yourself saying, “Why didn’t she include _____, _______, and _______” like I did, then submit your ideas for video round 2 on her blog. Or better yet, make your own.


Power blogger & former full-time architect Svetlana Legetic turned her side project from a DC culture blog to a serious fun-making media group/event planning business. Here’s my live Q&A Tweet Chat with GQ Magazine’s 43 Most Powerful DC Person. 

To read the full archive from the #BYTchat visit my Storify page here. 

Svetlana Legetic, founder and manager of Brightest Young Things (BYT), a blog dedicated to Washington, DC’s young & hip social scene, was just listed on GQ’s “50 Most Powerful People in Washington” issue hitting news stands next week.

As a 31-year-old hailing originally from Serbia, this former architect turned blogger has made a lasting impression on the city and changed The District for the better. From advertising to event planning, BYT just hosted it’s Fifth Annual NYE Event, as well as a plethora of other events in 2011 like The Greatest Holiday Party of All Time at The Kennedy Center, Vitamin Water Uncapped Live, and numerous sold-out events at The Newseum just to name a few.

When I first moved from Chicago to DC in 2006, I knew one person (my sister) and like most transplants, had no idea what DC might have to offer culturally besides a whole bunch of  embassies and museums. Coming from art school and a city with a rich music scene, at first glance DC seemed like a sleepy town for creative types, overrun with politicos, expert networkers, and power happy hours. A now defunct blog whose name I can’t recall was my go-to for all creative happenings until (surprise!) in true DC-never-here-for-long form, the blogger up and moved to New York City. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out until I saw his goodbye post which suggested readers should follow another blog, Brightest Young Things, a new and fresh collection (and now driver) of goings-on around the city.

Now with three full-time staffers and almost 50 freelancers including up-and-coming writers, photographers, and designers, BYT even has its first office space. In my imagination, there’s probably a mini fridge packed with PBR somewhere in it too.

Join my live Q&A tweet chat with Svetlana Legetic on Tuesday, Jan 24 from 12-1pm EST via #BYTchat – where I’ll ask Svetlana all about blogging, entrepreneurship, event planning, bands, favorite bars, and how great it feels to be DC’s Powerful #42. Have a question for Svetlana? Tweet #BYTchat or post it below.

Ten days into 2012 and I already feel behind.

I’ve written three blog posts on 2012 resolutions that I’ve abandoned in three separate note-taking iPad apps I’ve been trying to adopt.

But, let’s look back for a moment.

2011 was an incredible year of growth for me. I married the bearded, opinionated man of my dreams in October, spent the last year carving out a social media and digital marketing position at a national trade association, and watched from afar as an EF5 multiple-vortex tornado took out a large chunk of my hometown in May. Emotionally torn, the devastation in Joplin motivated my sister and me to partner with Events for Good in organizing our first fundraiser, Red 4 Joplin, a red tie event at DC’s Union Station to benefit tornado victims.

All in all, I can honestly say that there was absolutely nothing bland or slow moving about my life in 2011.

But what about 2012, the year of the dragon? This year seems to hold so much promise after a challenging year for much of the world, so here’s what I’m personally resolving to do:

This will be the year I blog more.

DigitalConfetti was born from my desire to share my own journey building a community manager/digital marketing role from scratch at a national trade association. So many friends from the association community stepped up to offer advice and share their knowledge with me over the past year and many did so indirectly by blogging, contributing to Associations Now, or hosting incredible tweet chats and web shows. Seriously, if I had a question, I googled it and would most often find the top three posts were from someone within the community I already knew. And of course, big thanks to my sister KiKi L’Italien for being the social media power house that she is and for always being on speed dial.

I will host and participate in tweet chats more.

I will read more fiction despite the many, many books on business and religion currently vying for my attention.

I will learn another language, even if it is Hebrew. – I’m currently going through the conversion process and haven’t been as gung ho about my weekly Hebrew study, despite my annual resolution to learn a new language.

I will visit two new countries I’ve never visited before.

I will worry less and laugh more. Risk taking is part of our job as marketers and as humans in life. Fear, failure, the negative attitudes you might encounter from your boss, colleague, or stranger – maybe it’s like that old exercise of picturing a crowd naked to get over stage fright or just remembering that most of us are self-absorbed at heart (short attention spans) – just push “publish” and get on with it. In the words of Townes Van Zandt, “To live is to fly, all low and high.”

Happy New Year, Friends!