Sh!t Social Media Experts Say

Okay, I couldn’t resist. After spending a girls’ weekend in Charlottesville, VA last week where down time was spent passing around our phones and sharing the Shit Girls Say, Shit DC People Say, and numerous spin-off videos, I went to lunch with a fellow association social media/online communications professional today.  Jokingly, we swapped love/hate stories about our occupations and laughed about starting a secret side project for social media folks.

Getting back from lunch, I stumbled across this video, Shit Social Media Experts Say (#SSMES) from Marketing Melodie. Unfortunately, even BEFORE lunch, I probably dropped about three of these lines just this morning, including one I’m borrowing from my sister, “What’s the ROI on answering the telephone? I want to ask someone that.”

Oh yes. Another moment in time reminding me not to take myself too seriously. Thanks, Melodie!

And if you find yourself saying, “Why didn’t she include _____, _______, and _______” like I did, then submit your ideas for video round 2 on her blog. Or better yet, make your own.


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