I Promise, Someone is Paying Attention

Sometimes it feels like your digital marketing projects can take a lifetime to starting making sense to your colleagues, senior leaders, or committee members. As social media evangelists for our organizations, we put our ideas “out there” like an experiment and hope that we attract the right people, those right people engage, and those people keep engaging and coming back. Sometimes the project works and sometimes the project fails. Or sometimes, the project never gets approved and it dies before it had a chance.

This just comes with the territory.

Still, there are moments when something “clicks” and magic happens. In those moments, you realize that your job as a community manager or digital marketer DOES matter and all those tools you rely so heavily on are just the drivers of something so much larger at work.

There’s a great blog post by David Armano, EVP of Global Innovation & Integration at Edelman Digital calling 2012 The Year of The Change Agent and I couldn’t agree more. To all the innovators and change agents out there, here’s to the good work that you do!


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