Monthly Archives: April 2012

So, I’ve been quiet for a few weeks and there’s a good excuse for why. I joined the incredible team at DelCor as a Senior Consultant, Technology & Digital Strategies on April 3. For those of you who know DelCor, you know what a hard-working, smart, and passionate group of technologists it’s comprised of. Also, you might know about the DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot that former DelCorian KiKi L’Italien hosted. Sweet Spot is a live web show that happens every other week from 12:30pm – 1pm ET. As the new host of Sweet Spot, I was honored to interview Renato Sogueco, Chief Information Officer for the Society of American Florists (SAF), and current Chair of the ASAE Technology Council. I didn’t include today’s entire Sweet Spot episode due to a freak browser/audio-recording error that plagued my MacBook, but here’s the interview portion with Renato. He shared the great work that the Tech Council has been doing as well as some productivity tips for mobile warriors.

Big thanks to Renato for the interview. More good stuff to come.