Responsive Web Design – Associations, Listen Up!

Responsive Design has been the buzz word along with “Big Data” in the association community for the past year and there’s a good reason why. With 2013 deemed “The Year of Responsive Design” by, as well as forecasted by many to be the year that mobile browsing surpasses desktop browsing, associations need to have a solid mobile solution.

As all of us have now become comfortable with carrying and relying on multiple devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops) to tackle our work and manage our communications, we will no doubt embrace even more as new and evolved products continue to infiltrate the market. Just consider the tabtop and phablet.

If associations want their content to be consumed, then they must think beyond traditional mobile sites and native apps as there one and only mobile solution, and really look at their website.

In a recent interview with ResultsDirect’s Cecilia Satovich on DelCor Sweet Spot Live, I asked her the big questions surrounding responsive design, the triumphs, challenges, and reasons why she considers it a solid solution.

Is your association considering moving to a responsive web design? What are the questions you still have?

  1. As a frequent speaker at association conferences, sometimes on storyboarding an on-site or event sequence of “scenes” I heartily agree with this responsive design approach to complement what happens in-person when people can strengthen relationships around sweet spots of shared interest– a core part of any associations mission, I would hope. I spoke about it in this interview with Brian Solis: Understand science behind human thought process is crucial to design idyllic experience on web: my interview w/ @BrianSolis on @Mashable

  2. What a fascinating interview, Kare! I’m left wanting to learn more about the behavioral cues you mention and techniques for becoming a better listener, as well as how this ties in with web design. @BrianSolis is someone I admire deeply too and always find his interviews to be riveting. I’m still in shock – honored that you visited my blog in the first place. Thank you for the comment, Kare!

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