Monthly Archives: April 2013

There is so much to be grateful for all around me.

My husband and I bought a house in Petworth, a neighborhood in Washington, DC and moved from our little condo in Columbia Heights about a month ago. The 83-year old row house we purchased has two dogwood trees (one white, one pink) in the front yard and the kindest neighbors we could ask for. After a month of renovations we moved in one month ago and have been making it our home, one day at a time.

Just today my mom returns home to Missouri after spending ten days with us here. With all the busy schedules and everyone married and traveling, it’s been harder and harder for all of us to find times to get together as a group, and I’m embarrassed to admit it was almost 1.5 years since I’d seen her. Happily, we found some much needed family time over the last two weekends between my entire family here in the DC area.


my nieces Margaux and Rachel


Elvis dance party!



Mom and Me



burlesque brunch at SAX

I just couldn’t be more appreciative for the time we shared. Here’s to making more great memories with those you cherish.

What are you grateful for this week?