How Smart is Your Content?


I’ve been busy writing blog posts on content strategy after returning from the Intelligent Content Conference last week, so please visit the DelCor blog if you want to read about the incredible experience that was. We even have a content strategy white paper coming out any day now. Hearing from the Content Wrangler Scott Abel and Robert Rose at ICC was so inspiring. It left me more motivated than ever to return back to work and help associations with developing their content strategies and renew their focus on delivering quality content. If you aren’t reading these books, please go get them now:

It’s incredible what traveling can do. Everywhere I turned – from the continual rise of Uber to the new/now old Virgin safety video – I couldn’t help but notice real world examples of the experience economy all around me. So whether you’ve seen some of these or not, here are some examples of intelligent content at work over the last few years:

Virgin’s Safety Video:

Virgin already had a great safety video, but they took the stale video and safety information that most airlines have and that few passengers pay attention to and had it directed by a Hollywood production company. They employed talent from reality shows So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol. They also had a substantial social media campaign created around the video with the hashtag #vxsafetydance which encouraged others to upload their best freestyle moves. It encompasses the brand’s style and makes something dull suddenly informative and entertaining.

Another great example that was shared at the Intelligent Content Conference was Samsung’s phone manual that makes assembling a new phone so easy, your parents can figure it out:

What content does your organization have that could be revamped, jazzed up, or made easier on the member? It’s never too late to start small – focusing on one area of your website or one piece of content at a time.


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