Responsive Design has been the buzz word along with “Big Data” in the association community for the past year and there’s a good reason why. With 2013 deemed “The Year of Responsive Design” by, as well as forecasted by many to be the year that mobile browsing surpasses desktop browsing, associations need to have a solid mobile solution.

As all of us have now become comfortable with carrying and relying on multiple devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops) to tackle our work and manage our communications, we will no doubt embrace even more as new and evolved products continue to infiltrate the market. Just consider the tabtop and phablet.

If associations want their content to be consumed, then they must think beyond traditional mobile sites and native apps as there one and only mobile solution, and really look at their website.

In a recent interview with ResultsDirect’s Cecilia Satovich on DelCor Sweet Spot Live, I asked her the big questions surrounding responsive design, the triumphs, challenges, and reasons why she considers it a solid solution.

Is your association considering moving to a responsive web design? What are the questions you still have?


Another lovely weekend with a rare moment alone. December is becoming a busier month with holiday parties, the rush of work trying to get completed before offices close, tech conferences, and all those gifts that need to bought in time. December also happens to be a month filled with inspiration for me. Perhaps it’s because I’m seeing so many friends in such a short window of time or all the visual stimulation from online shopping, but here are a few things I’m most excited about this weekend:

Grace Coddington’s memoir. 

I want this/need this. I’m a big junkie for biographies and recently read Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, a fun, quick read that had me chuckling to myself non-stop. I’m also reading Stacy London’s The Truth About Style which is semi-autobiographical, so this would be an awesome gift for myself. Take a look at my other gift ideas on Pinterest. 

Grace Coddington Memoir

Moscow Mule 

An American classic cocktail originating from the vodka craze in the 1950s, this drink is easy to make and perfect for a little holiday shindig. My friend Svetlana (the force behind made this for me during a quick visit yesterday and perhaps it’s my Splenda-loving/sugar-hating ways, but I’m always shocked by how delicious ginger beer can be in a cocktail.

Moscow Mule

Jessica Pratt

San Francisco native Jessica Pratt’s debut album is a soft, folksy gem reminiscient of Linda Perhacs and Karen Dalton. This release seems to be perfectly suited for the cold months, like a warm sweater that you wear. Not that I bake too often, but if I did this would be my baking soundtrack.


What’s inspiring you this weekend?

For the last live episode of DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot I decided to explore that fuzzy and oh-so-popular term, “The Cloud.” There are a ton of misconceptions out there about what a cloud is and can/can’t do, so I met with Partner and Vice President of DelCor, Brian Sheehan to discuss in advance of the live show.

My DelCor Sweet Spot guest later that week was Laurence Hart, CIO, The Global Community of Information Professionals (AIIM), and master tweeter @Piewords. While he wouldn’t let me in on the secret story behind his Twitter handle, he did answer a wide range of questions surrounding cloud computing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you can’t view the Sweet Spot interview with Laurence (above), please just follow this link.

So, I’ve been quiet for a few weeks and there’s a good excuse for why. I joined the incredible team at DelCor as a Senior Consultant, Technology & Digital Strategies on April 3. For those of you who know DelCor, you know what a hard-working, smart, and passionate group of technologists it’s comprised of. Also, you might know about the DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot that former DelCorian KiKi L’Italien hosted. Sweet Spot is a live web show that happens every other week from 12:30pm – 1pm ET. As the new host of Sweet Spot, I was honored to interview Renato Sogueco, Chief Information Officer for the Society of American Florists (SAF), and current Chair of the ASAE Technology Council. I didn’t include today’s entire Sweet Spot episode due to a freak browser/audio-recording error that plagued my MacBook, but here’s the interview portion with Renato. He shared the great work that the Tech Council has been doing as well as some productivity tips for mobile warriors.

Big thanks to Renato for the interview. More good stuff to come.

Okay, I couldn’t resist. After spending a girls’ weekend in Charlottesville, VA last week where down time was spent passing around our phones and sharing the Shit Girls Say, Shit DC People Say, and numerous spin-off videos, I went to lunch with a fellow association social media/online communications professional today.  Jokingly, we swapped love/hate stories about our occupations and laughed about starting a secret side project for social media folks.

Getting back from lunch, I stumbled across this video, Shit Social Media Experts Say (#SSMES) from Marketing Melodie. Unfortunately, even BEFORE lunch, I probably dropped about three of these lines just this morning, including one I’m borrowing from my sister, “What’s the ROI on answering the telephone? I want to ask someone that.”

Oh yes. Another moment in time reminding me not to take myself too seriously. Thanks, Melodie!

And if you find yourself saying, “Why didn’t she include _____, _______, and _______” like I did, then submit your ideas for video round 2 on her blog. Or better yet, make your own.